Meet Elena Solon, the B2B Conversions Specialist Virtual Professional

Maria Elena Mongaya-Solon

The semiconductor industry is a tough place to be in and that includes the company I worked for. Though severely challenged, it formed my work ethics with discipline and integrity I hold on till today.

Starting a family of my own lead me to B2B sales of production and process supplies for semiconductor companies. I loved the job! Not only did it allow me time flexibility, it gave me that great connection and feeling of familiarity with my immediate past work with a twist.

Welcome to the B2B Conversions Specialist site!

My background includes more than 15+ years work in a multinational manufacturing company and B2B sales and marketing engagement.

My family and I were very happy when renowned semiconductor multinational company hired me right after college, as an Assembly Line Supervisor.

During that time, I was almost always assigned to different start-up production lines - mostly new product transfers.

Virtual Professional Elena Solon used to supervise the production of the Transistor Assembly Line.

Virtual Professional Elena Solon used to supervise production of the Transistor Assembly Line.

Back office and virtual work came as great options with growing children for Virtual Professional Elena Solon

Back office and virtual work came as great options with growing children for Virtual Professional Elena Solon.

When more children came, I turned to freelance manufacturer representation. I take charge of a team who identify and profile their prospective end customers. We provide services as an outsourced back-office that covers effective customer support system for marketing, sales and after sales service. This arrangement has made our principals become more productive having concentrated on improving quality and overall operations more. 

Confident of having built our principals' territorial presence literally from scratch, I decided to position myself as a B2B Conversions Specialist.

And with eyes opened to the world of telecommuting, I started to embrace the entrepreneurial mindset of a virtual professional. To be more relevant, I enrolled in several courses of Online Marketing 5 years ago not only to hone my skills but also to understand the business more keeping my mentor and online network active until today. And worked on more opportunities to apply what I learned.

Ripple of Life with Virtual Professional elena Solon

Ripple of Life with Virtual Professional Elena Solon

Your company can leverage from this mix of training, experience and maturity in manufacturing, sales, marketing and customer service, where practical and relational foundations have been proven to work beyond industry and product, always with your end user customers and target market in mind.  

I am a mother of six: 3 teenagers and 3 in their early twenties. My family - this whole bunch of awesome children and supportive husband, our home and business has allowed me to become highly organized and kept my life grounded, exciting and meaningful. 

You can rely on me to:

1. Create a great and effective content plan  with your ideal prospects and customers/buyers in mind ultimately providing them the best message and information that is specifically relevant to them.

2. Distribute great effective content across all channels  with information based on intensive research so that you can build and nurture a qualified and engaged follower base to optimize links and relationships.

3. Manage your Socia Media Platforms and filter your Email Inbox so that you can maximize engagement with your target audience and getting them involved talking about the pieces you produce or the services you render.

4. Identify and optimize resources that enable your brand to communicate with your audience on a more sophisticated level and helps build your relationships.

5. Tap HIDDEN PROFIT SOURCES in your existing business and create a marketing automation system so that you can enjoy time and money freedom monthly on auto-pilot.

UNYSON Wordpress Virtual Professional Elena Solon

Just recently, I was introduced to UNYSON WordPress Plugin. What an awesome discovery! Why? It can create any kind of theme! It's a theme builder. Yes I am excited because I did not expect a Free Plugun to be this powerful! Check out my whole site that is built using UNYSON. Had I known it earlier, I would have minimized the trouble of website building!

CANVA Virtual Professional Elena Solon

When I learned about the power of CANVA,  I never looked back. It is a very user-friendly app where you can create any design - be they social media posts and headers, presentation and marketing materials, etc. Name it, CANVA has a template for you with the proper dimensions.... look even these RESUMEs were created using CANVA. 

B2B Conversions Virtual Elena Solon
Resume, Virtual Elena Solon

Ms Elena is one of the most hardworking persons I've known. She is a great team player and fun to work with. Ahe also demonstrates great interest and dedication to the field of online marketing and I am confident that she will have a bright future in the field.

                                           Agnes  Domingo-Arbon,  Team Leader/Collaborator, Team Credo for Paul Baloche Live in Manila 2015 and Kerygma Grand Feast Asia 2015 Events


" I've worked with Maria Elena Mongaya-Solon for two events management project already. As a team, it was important members work well with each other. That is why, our first two projects were successful because, it was easy to work with the team's members including Elena. She volunteered to do a lot of tasks even under limiting conditions. She stepped up to give more than what was required of her. She's a team player, eager to learn and brings the fun to the team. I like working with Ms. E! as we like to call her. You get results and fun from working with her. "

                                  - Ms. Fivemay Huervas, Co-Team Member/Collaborator, Team Credo for Paul Baloche Live in Manila 2015 and Kerygma Grand Feast Asia 2015 Events

My immediate superior 20 years ago has this to say about how I was under him.

Cyrus dela Rama, Immediate Supervisor comments on Virtual Profesional Elena Solon

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